The Gopher Plan

We have toured across the United States in CJ’s van with the Deed of 1888.  CJ, a veteran from Los Angeles who lives in his van, drove to Time Square in NYC with his friends performing “The Gopher Plan” along the way.

The Deed of 1888 gave hundreds of acres of land in West Los Angeles to veterans as a home in perpetuity. Sadly, it’s not being used that way today. We are bringing the Deed of 1888 to the President of the United States because if he knew about the Deed, we are sure he would do the right thing and ensure that there is always a home for any veteran.

You can show support by going to our Gopher Plan Facebook page and liking it. This will show the President the support of the people for ending homelessness for veterans and how important it is to save a veteran from sleeping on the streets.  There are more veterans in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the country and 20,000 of them are homeless TONIGHT. This is a movement you can be a part of. Join us.

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